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Analysis Of Deformation Of Insulating Ceramic Materials

Feb. 24, 2023

Analysis of Deformation of Insulating Ceramic Materials

Insulating ceramic materials are favored by many people for their beauty, cleanliness, and practicality. The development in modern society is becoming more and more rapid, and many people are paying attention to this product. The deformation of insulating ceramic materials in life generally has the following situations: elastic deformation, statue deformation and fracture. These different deformation conditions have different causes and have different effects. The following is a detailed description of these several deformations.

1. Elastic deformation of insulating ceramic material

The elastic deformation of ceramic materials mainly refers to the fact that the material has no obvious shape change under the action of static tensile force, but a certain deformation has occurred inside the material, which is mainly manifested as the internal deformation of the material. It is different from metal materials, and generally we can't figure out by the naked eyes.

2. Plastic deformation of insulating ceramic material

Plastic deformation of ceramic materials is generally the deformation that occurs at higher temperature, and the fracture that occurs during the movement. Because of the rise in temperature, ceramic materials have the ability to plastically deform, and coupled with changes in the internal structure of the material, plastic deformation occurs.

3. Fracture of insulating ceramic material

The fracture of the insulating ceramic material is generally a deformation caused by strong tensile, because the ceramic material itself is relatively brittle and the tensile strength is not high, so it is easy to produce fracture under the action of external force.

In order to reduce the deformation of the insulating ceramic material, we need to strengthen its hardness and tensile strength. When the ceramic material is fired, it should be optimized in process to make the hardness of the ceramic material reach a higher standard. So this material can be used more widely. The above is the deformation of the insulating ceramic material.

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