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Properties of Machinable Ceramics

Feb. 20, 2023

Machinable ceramics, also known as glass-ceramics, are mica glass-ceramics with synthetic mica as the main crystalline phase, the precision size of the ceramic material can be obtained by drilling, turning, milling, tapping and so on with the tools and instruments for metal processing. The material has good processing performance, vacuum performance, electrical insulation and thermal shock resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and other excellent properties. Machinable ceramics can meet the requirements of high precision technology because of its excellent comprehensive properties, and can accelerate the progress of engineering and save the cost of research and development without the need of mould design and manufacture, therefore by the majority of scientific research, teaching and design departments welcome. It is especially suitable for automotive, military, aerospace, precision instruments, medical equipment, electronic vacuum devices, electron beam exposure machine, textile machinery, sensors, mass spectrometer and Energy Spectrometer and other instruments widely used. For some thin-walled coil skeleton, precision instrument insulation support, such as complex shape precision requirements of high devices, glass-ceramic is more suitable, it can be processed into any shape. It has higher strength than boron nitride, lower deflating rate, higher temperature resistance than polytetrafluoroethylene, no deformation, no deterioration, durable, better processability than alumina porcelain, shorter production cycle and higher pass rate, the designer can make any size of the product.

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