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Steatite Ceramic Electrical Insulation Part

Steatite Ceramic Electrical Insulation Part

    Steatite Ceramic Main Features

    1. High resistivity

    2. Moderate strength

    3. Excellent electrical properties

    4. Low coefficient of thermal expansion

    5. Good mechanical stability

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    Steatite Ceramic usuallly called C221 High frequancy ceramic, which is the most common ceramic material, offering excellent electrical insulation properties together with high resistivity and , but relatively low strength.

    Applications : (1) Ceramic Band Heater Insulator; (2) Heating element holders; (3) Stand off Insulators;(4) Interlocking Insulating Beads; (5) Split bush insulators;(6)  Lamp bases and caps; (7) Regulator parts

    Technical Parameter

    ProperitiesUnitSteatite Ceramic95% Alumina Ceramic99% Alumina Ceramic
    Flexural strengthMpa145300300
    Elastic modulusGpa120275320
    Poissons ratio-
    Linear expansion coefficientx 10-6/℃
    Thermal conductivityw/(m.k)2.52025



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