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Black Alumina Ceramic Performance Improvement Methods

Feb. 22, 2020

Although the black alumina ceramic in the performance 

is relatively good, but because of its own porous products, so to promote its existence of large brittleness, and often more serious cracks, the contents of the above, to a large extent limit the black Alumina ceramics, therefore, in the research industry, professionals are prepared to improve their performance.

At present in the ceramic market, you can have a lot of black alumina ceramic toughening way, and more common with the toughening of particles, transformation of the toughening and adding the right amount of ductility to its toughening, etc. Is the porous ceramic on the surface of the laser, to promote its performance improved, while the design of black alumina ceramic, it should also look for new ways and means.

Black alumina ceramic in the performance of the problem has been troubled by professionals for a long time, but the development so far, did not find any effective and obvious way to improve, due to the unique performance of black alumina ceramics, to promote its development in the industry Influence, but if you still can not find a solution in a timely manner, then its use must be affected.

When the black alumina ceramic in the heat treatment, the temperature is relatively low, then most of the support of the body of the aluminum phase, to a large extent there will be tough fracture phenomenon, and when the heat treatment temperature rising Time, aluminum oxidation will be a serious expansion of the phenomenon, and its serious impact.

The use of spark plasma sintering, can effectively enhance the production and manufacture of porous ceramics, but this way, to a large extent will lead to porous ceramic in the structure of the impact, and for the black alumina ceramic, the performance The improvement is much greater than the impact, but it does not affect its normal application.

And because the black alumina ceramic in the conductive monomer on the continuous improvement of its resistivity will be more or less reduced, it is impossible to change, if the use of extrusion molding, the black alumina ceramic manufacturing Production, then it will be in the gas permeability will be significantly improved.


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