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Market Status Of Electronic Ceramics

Feb. 14, 2023

Advanced ceramics are widely used and have excellent performance. In 2024, the global market scale is expected to reach 134.6 billion US dollars. Electronic ceramics is a subdivision branch of advanced ceramics, which generally refers to the ceramic materials used in electronic equipment as installation, fixation, support, protection, insulation, isolation and connection of various radio components and devices. The specific forms include circuit substrate, chip packaging shell, etc Materials include oxides, nitrides, carbides and borides.

According to the functional classification, the main types of electronic ceramics include insulating ceramics, dielectric ceramics, microwave ceramics, ferroelectric and piezoelectric ceramics, pyroelectric ceramics, electro-optic ceramics, electrostrictive ceramics, sensitive ceramics, high thermal conductivity ceramics, conductive ceramics, superconducting ceramics, etc.

Electronic industry is the largest terminal application market of advanced ceramic industry, and this trend will continue for several years. In terms of geographical division, the market share of electronic ceramics in the Asia Pacific region exceeded 40% in 2014, which is the largest region in the world. China is also the country with the largest demand for electronic ceramics in the Asia Pacific region, followed by Japan, South Korea and India.

The main participants in the global electronic ceramic market include Murata, Kyocera, Deshan chemical, Sumitomo chemical, Sakai chemical, ferro, NCI, Fuji titanium, Gongli, DONGBANG, TDK, coorstek, Rogers, Ceramtec, etc. From the perspective of market pattern, some core technologies of electronic ceramics are mastered by European, American, Japanese and Korean manufacturers. Among them, Japan has been famous for the most categories, the largest output, the widest application field and the best comprehensive performance in the field of electronic ceramics materials, accounting for 50% of the world electronic ceramics market.

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