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Application Of Ceramic Insulating Ring

Feb. 02, 2023

Ceramic insulation ring is responsible for the main task of energy conservation of industrial kilns. In order to adapt to the large-scale, automation and high efficiency of industrial kilns, the preparation of ceramic insulation ring must grasp the fine materials and equipment, adjust the product structure, increase the variety, reduce energy consumption and improve the quality, so as to achieve the purpose of energy conservation of high life and low heat dissipation of industrial kilns; the composite of light and heavy ceramic insulation ring should be actively used Lining, cladding, rapid development of amorphous ceramic insulation ring, lightweight high-strength materials, refractory fiber and its products, and as soon as possible in industrial kiln applications. Fine ceramics are mainly inorganic non-metallic materials such as oxides, carbides, borides and nitrides. Compared with other ceramic insulating rings, they have higher thermal stability, chemical stability, wear resistance and creep resistance, which can solve the problem of energy saving in high-temperature kilns. They are the main direction of ceramic insulating rings for chemical kilns. High temperature energy-saving coating is also a kind of ceramic insulation ring with good heat insulation performance and radiation ability. It has the characteristics of simple construction, less investment and significant energy-saving effect.

At the beginning, the level of ceramic insulation ring was very high. Dingzhou not only produced porcelain, but also produced Kesi. Kesi was also famous in the Song Dynasty. It is possible that the ceramic insulation ring was carved into a ceramic model and then printed on the porcelain body with the complete pattern of Kesi. There are many examples of porcelain in the Tang and Song Dynasties, such as blue and white porcelain. There were five kilns in Jingdezhen during the Five Dynasties. At the same time, celadon and white porcelain were burned. In the Northern Song Dynasty, celadon and white porcelain disappeared suddenly, which also violated the development law of general ceramic insulation ring. The porcelain variety of a kiln has a process of continuous development and gradual decline. In the Song Dynasty, Jingdezhen changed the varieties of celadon and white porcelain of the previous dynasty, and burned celadon and white porcelain. The reason is that it used the jade craft of the same period for reference.

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