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Yixing Shengda Refractory Ceramic Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Steatite Ceramic Parts, Alumina Ceramic Parts, Cordierite Ceramic Parts, Ceramic Band Heater Insulators, Ceramic Terminal Block, Thermostat Ceramic Parts, Textile Ceramics Parts, Ceramic Heater Plugs, etc. Since its founding, our company has adhered to the principle of Innovation, Diversity and International.

Dry Pressing Moulding Hot Injection Moulding Industrial Furnace Raw Material Production

  • Push Plate KilnPush Plate Kiln
    Push Plate Kiln
    Push Plate Kiln-2Push Plate Kiln-2
    Push Plate Kiln-2
  • Push Plate Kiln-3Push Plate Kiln-3
    Push Plate Kiln-3
    Roller Kiln-1Roller Kiln-1
    Roller Kiln-1
  • Roller Kiln-2Roller Kiln-2
    Roller Kiln-2
    Roller Kiln-3Roller Kiln-3
    Roller Kiln-3
  • Roller Kiln-4Roller Kiln-4
    Roller Kiln-4
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